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Red Mallee burl natural edge hand turned footed bowl plate

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Brand: genewoodconcepts

This is Red Mallee burl natural edge hand turned bowl.

Mallee is a "scrub-land vegetation" that is common in many parts of Australia and seems to have dozens of varieties. The term mallee refers to a species’ general growth form (known as a “habit” in biology). Usually smaller and shorter than trees, mallees grow multiple smaller-diameter stems from a common root system. Because of this, most mallee species are ill suited for lumber, though they do have a propensity for burl growths that can be harvested and used for turning and other small specialty projects.

The bowl was wood turned and carved.
The bowl has unique grain pattern and colors, live edge preserved. It is beautiful contrast between sapwood and wood.

The bowl is finished with lacquer. The bowl is nested on mango foot.

It is a beautiful piece to place on your coffee table, mantle, or desk.
It is ideal for personal use or as a special gift.
dimension 8 x 7 x 3.5

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