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Artist Statement

          I was creative as long as I remember myself. It was painting, writing, computer graphics etc.
My dad was a teacher and then a professional landscape artist. He was very devoted to his passion.
            I found myself involved in wood art 20 years ago.
Wood is natural organic material with many variations in color, grain, texture. Wood is almost ideal for carving, sculpting,craft making. It feels alive, holding form, pleasant to touch and smell.
My initial passion was wood turning. I enjoyed wood turning ( i am still enjoying ) because of the relatively quick gratification one can get.
I did a lot of different pieces, starting with simple bowls, progressing to more complicated vases, small opening deep hollow forms and so on. I realized the great importance of the form even for simple objects. Light changes can produce drastic effect.
I am always trying to find new design ideas for simple household items, boxes, jewelry. It is my vision. Just like everything else a new project starts with a main idea which develops over time.
For many years  I became involved in abstract sculptural work.
I am using different ways to shape wood: power tools, power carvers, power sanding.
In my mind there are two different ways to produce a piece. One is to use guidance from the wood, letting it carry you to the design.
The other one is premeditated idea imposed on the wood. In this case one is controlling the wood.
When I see a piece of wood I like I'm thinking about it as raw material that I can put my hands on and form into finished piece belonging to nature.
Much of the work ideas are coming from the piece itself. In my mind nature already designed this beautiful grain, decay, bark inclusions, rot spots. My goal is to reveal it, show it, find different angle to see it, present it in sculptural form that has meaning.
I may start with a specific idea, but as things progress new visions come  to mind, new themes emerges. It is like playing music, improvising on specific theme. It is very enjoyable. Sometimes it's taking heavy carving, changing initial image, following different lines.Sometimes what it may take to just cut the piece and join the two book-matching halves. Usually I can see general shape before it emerges but details....  
The big impact on the piece has texturing, coloring, woodburning,woodsanding etc.
The question is when to stop. When piece is done?
It is very interesting. I naturally stop when I feel satisfied, when I cannot add anything else. If I am dissatisfied with the piece it will be tossed or put away for the next occasion.
Wallhangings are different in approach.  
In my mind lighting is crucial for presenting sculptural work. Base is very important too.

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