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Mirror inside stairs to gallery. Mango live edge.

Mirror in bedroom. Mango live edge.

Mirror in foyer.Mango live edge

Mirror high up above family room. Cocobolo book match slices.

The main idea of designing these mirrors  is bookmatching slabs  with preseving live edges.

Wood Paneling

In my wall panels I am trying to present beautiful wood slices, sometimes bookmatched, with specially textured background.Big, massive walls with original paneling produces an astonishing visual effect.


door 01
door 01-2
door 01-3
door 02-3


The stairs were build using  teak.
The railings has natural form and are pleasant to touch.


The fireplace framed with huge pieces of mango wood.It all came from the same board. I carved leftover pieces and it became two sculptures on upper shelf.

12 feet wall hanging above is bookmatching mango pieces eaten by termites.



The headboard was extensively carved  from a large mango slice.

Dimensions are 9 feet by 3 feet.

Shelves wall hanging

window sconces

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