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I was using pretty simple technique to create these pieces.

Obviously I was selecting highly figured  wood something like mango,

box elder burl, tiger maple, maple burl etc.

The first step is creating a form. Pieces were done on a lathe with some hand carving involved.

The second step is sanding. Normally I will go up to 240 grit. 

Third step staining. Nowadays after many attempts to colorized different species I realized that

best results I'm getting with leather dyes. Black color always go first.  After application of the black

I'm sanding the piece leaving black marks stressing most interesting grain. Then I'm applying 

different colors intermittently sanding by hand creating visually pleasing piece.

After this part done I'm finishing with oil, follow by shellac and lacquer.

Tier stand Two bowls Mango Wood Fruits Cupcakes Cookie Candy Nuts.

Lower bowl 17,5 x depth 3", upper bowl 12.5 x depth 3"
the piece height 17"

Mango Wood Lidded Wooden Bowl Container Cookie Candy Nuts bowl.

12 x 9 x 5 depth 2"

Mango Wood Lidded Wooden Bowl Container Cookie Candy Nuts bowl.

16 x 12 depth 2"

Mango Wood Wood Turned Square Colored  Wooden Bowl

15 x 11 depth 2"   

Mango Wood  Plate Bowl  

17 x 3  depth 2"

Maple burl vase was done long time ago. The colors faded so I decided to stained it again make it more joyful,

Maple burl  closed form

Box Elder Burl vase was done from chunk of wood I was keeping in my storage for long time. The piece has unique grain. Box Elder naturally white. I stained the piece to show beatiful grain.

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