New Coffee tables   2

Cocobolo coffee table was done from book-matching slabs . Piece has epoxy stone  inlay. Sub-wood and heart wood creating interesting picture.  

35" x 27" height 22"

Ambrosia maple natural, live edge coffee table. The most beautiful colors and grain I ever seen.

52 x 27 x 22

Three tables below were done from the same gigantic cherry crotch. The slices were decayed with multiple worm holes. I solidified wood with epoxy. Tables has metal base specifically  welded for each piece.

21 x 20 x 40  height 22

34 x 24 x 38  height 22

34 x 21 x 42  height 17

The piece was done from teak crotch.Finished with multi layers of poly.

Dimensions are 23  x 12 x 55 height 24

39.5 x 14 x 20

Piece of teak with gorgeous grain and epoxy inlay.Custom metal base.

59 x 24 x 17.5

The piece was done from beautiful walnut crotch. Rotten parts was filled with epoxy-metal inlay.

36 x 18 height 22

The piece was done from combination of teak and mango pieces connected with epoxy inlay.

Maple slab life natural edge coffee table. The great colors and grain. Metal base.

53" x 24"   height 19"