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This sculpture took me very long time to complete. Initially it was a huge very rotten piece of maple wood in my friend's fire pile.
I saw some potentials. I took it home, pressure washed it, and started to carve it. The process took me a very long time. I tried to put in this piece a lot of different ideas, forms, space perceptions and visual effects. Different textures and colors gave this piece a certain mood.
Making this piece carried me through a
very difficult personal time. 

Initial. When I got it to my backyard

Bark is peeling out with pressure washer

Cleaning iside out

Trying to establish space inside

Got it in the shop

Still a lot of stuff to remove

Start carving Getting some ideas


Back view

Trying to preserve bark and defining the edge

Carving Making dynamic forms

Trying to separate upper level and show the burl


This position looks intresting

Exciting View from above

Details are very impotant


Still a lot of carving to do

Light inside

Excruciating sanding

The process

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