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Transition 1

Transition 1

This piece took a long time to carve. This was a decayed piece of square teak wood. After its initial shaping I started to see different forms emerge. The starting point was a winged shaped form covering two faces with appearing spiritual figures. Progressing to another face reflecting pure physical forms. That's why I called it Transition. 

wood sculpture


This piece was born from very rotten mango wood. I saw shadows in the raw wood that reminded me of mourning figures. Initially I carved hand holding these figures then I changed my approach. This in the final project, the Elegy. 



33 x 20 x 18

The Watchman has two sides one is constantly watching you and the other very sensual.



25 x 14 x 2

The Hunted makes permanent eye contact with you. 

Double Trouble

50 x 18 x 3

Double Trouble

This sculpture does not need any explanations. 

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